Licensed For Life


   Prevention through Education

Artwork by Frank Caruso


   Licensed For Life



      Our mission is saving lives.
Not just the lives of teenage drivers,

not only those who ride along with them, but all those put at risk by DUI.


  Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs is especially pernicious among our youth,
because they are most susceptible to peer pressure ...   and we live in a culture
where "party" has become a synonym for "get high." 

   We have learned that preaching abstinence doesn't prevent teen pregnancies.

 Nor did  "Just Say No" ever impact drug abuse.


So we approach the students face-to-face.


We explain not only what the law is -- and how one violation can ruin more than a vehicle


we show students what "impaired" really means.


We don't preach, we teach.



We focus on pre-college students (15-18 years old developing their abilities to make the right choices, but we also stress prevention and good judgment of all ages.   


In doing so we promote, improve and, preserve the quality of life in the communities we serve.


    Licensed For Life, founded by Executive Director Cheryl Baczek and Deputy Chief Mike McNamara, employs handpicked, specially trained, active police officers. These officers are sent into the classroom to teach students about DUI, DUI prevention, graduated licenses, safety skills and zero tolerance laws.  All of the officers have experiences with intoxicated drivers and explain the effects of alcohol on the human body. We discuss updated DUI laws with the students and have the students demonstrate a street sobriety test while wearing the Fatal Vision goggles, which simulate an intoxicated driver.


    Since its inception in 1997, Licensed For Life has been to over 300 schools and civic organizations while conducting more than 7100 classes before over 205,000 students. The program has been presented before the National Driver's Education Conferences in St. Louis, Mo., Effingham, Ill., the Southwest Regional Conference in South Carolina, the Northwest Regional Conference in New Hampshire, and State Conferences in Virginia, Wisconsin, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Maine. The program was selected by The Electric Insurance Company to be presented to their employees in South Carolina, Massachusetts and New York. Licensed For Life has been presented on National Public Radio and in 2003 was awarded the Illinois State Bar Association's "Law Enforcement of the Year" award.


    There is no charge to any organization that wishes to have a Licensed For Life presentation. The program is funded through philanthropic and corporate donations. Classes in school are scheduled as part of the regular school day in driver ed/health classes.


    To schedule classes for your school, organization or to donate to the program, contact Deputy Chief Mike McNamara at (708) 473-0682 or (815) 933-0889